looking back

I enjoyed this class and it was a great learning experience, everything went smoothly and was self-explanatory except for attempting to read my regression for the first time. I wish we spent more time learning about how to read a regression and everything means.

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Because You’ll Need It

Just because I know you’ll need it, as I surely did, here’s a screengrab of Prof Greenlaw’s handy “How to Cite Chicago” sheet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.26.00 PM



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You’re Almost Done!

Just think how relieved you feel when you finally upload your study and can be **done** for the semester (at least with this).

Here’s the magical thing: No matter what you have left, whether that means pulling some more data to re-run your regression, finding that one last source, writing up your results, or just checking all your ps and qs (economically speaking), you can do it, and you can do it tonight.

Caffeine. Power through. Full sprint. Feel the weight lift from your shoulders when you click “Submit.”


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Thoughts on LaTeX

LaTeX is a open source document preparation system that uses its own language. It is usually used for academic writing, particularly in math or computer science, but I have found it works great for all kinds of papers as a replacement for Word. It takes care of indentation, sizing of titles, numbering of sections and much more, so you can focus on writing the paper, and less on formatting it.

I use Overleaf (https://www.overleaf.com/) , an online LaTeX writer. It has templates and is a great place to get started.

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I have finally fixed my rough draft so it should be approved.  And now all I have to do is edit the grammar and I will FINALLY BE DONE!!!!!!!!  What a long and strange journey it has been…and I’m glad it’s over…at least until Econometrics.  GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR RESEARCH PAPERS GUYS!!!! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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Last second help for the paper

Hey guys, I just wanted to post some last second help for the paper.

I found this website to have a great simple tutorial on how to interpret a regression output. If you want/need some more help come to econ house. Ill be there for the rest of the day/night and will be more than happy to help anyone out.

Good luck!

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Rough Draft craziness

I’ve had to edit my rough draft in order for it to be approved, but this week has been my own personal version of hell with all my presentations and projects and homeworks with all my other classes, so I have only done so much fixing of my rough draft.  I also got sick a few days ago and it’s hitting me harder each day.  I’m really hoping it goes away before my exams, but I’m not optimistic.  I just hope I get the rough draft in and the final draft in by tonight before passing out. YAY FINALS WEEK!

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Finishing Touches

Making the last revisions and getting ready for the presentation! I have really enjoyed all of them so far and I hope you guys will enjoy mine! My project has actually been pretty fun because of all of the ideas that i’m getting about how to maybe further research my topic in the future.

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Presentations & Final Paper

I would just like to reiterate a lot of what everyone else has been saying recently in that I have really enjoyed listening to everyones presentations and seeing up close how wide the breadth of economics really is.

Something else that I think is worth noting is how presenting prior to writing the final version of my paper really helped my writing process. I thought that since I was forced to think through how I wanted to present the contents of my research to the class, it made sitting down and writing the paper itself a lot easier and more organized. Anyone else feel the same way or was that just me ?

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Thoughts on Speeches

First things first, I think everyone has done an outstanding job on his or her presentation. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the various topics (the collective) we chose for our projects, and it’s quite evident each of us has become quite expert in whatever the chosen subject.

The wide variation in topics has been one of the most interesting elements of the presentations for me. It’s a bit astonishing the reach of economics, with everything from gender inequality to space exploration to the popularity of sports studied in just the tiny sample our class — each topic handled deftly and with an unquestionable basis in the science. Doesn’t sound so dismal to me.

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