Final Grade

A Note on Grades:

As some of you know who have taken my classes before, I don’t like to over-emphasize grades-I assume you are in this course because you want to learn economic research methods, not because you want the credits or to pad your GPA. While this course requires a great deal of work, it is not intrinsically difficult (i.e. like ECON 304, Intermediate Macro Theory). The most important determinant of your grade is keeping up with the work! There are no grade quotas, so there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t do well!

Your final grade will depend on how well you do in four areas:  the research assignments, your research blog, your research paper, and your analyses of the chapters. The research assignments will be graded on a competency basis-when you satisfactorily complete each assignment, you will get the points.  There are 12 research assignments, each worth 5 pts. Thus, at the end of the semester, you should have 60 pts. That gives you at least a D in the course.

The final draft of the research paper is worth 25 pts. A C paper will be awarded 13 pts; a B paper will be awarded 19 pts; and an A paper will be awarded 25 pts. So given full credit for the research assignments, research blog and text analysis, your grade on the research paper will determine the grade you receive for the course.

Your final grade will be based on the number of total points you accumulate, using the traditional grading scale:

A … 90 – 100 pts

B … 80 – 89 pts

C … 70 – 79 pts

D … 60 – 69 pts

F … < 60 pts

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