Final remarks from a graduating Economics major

I’m finally done with this major and I’ve learned a lot. I want to give some advice to all of you up-and-coming econ majors.

  1. Economics is not just “knowing” the material learned in class like most other subjects. You need to “understand” it. Think about everything you learn and then track back and see where it comes from or if that thing could be applied in other places. Look in between the lines and for the love of god watch Khan Academy videos (until the major gets too advanced)
  2. Stick with it. Economics is an extremely hard major. I know Intermediate Macro and Micro are hard but that’s as bad as it gets. Econ is such an awesome subject that you can apply to anything. It is so rewarding when you realize that you actually kind of know what you are talking about.
  3. Work in groups. Meet outside of class. Study together. Building off of each other is essential and it can save your life on a test. Maybe you zoned out and missed something important in class. You don’t have to worry because your homie caught it and will bring it up at a study sesh. It helps so much when working together and you make some great friends doing it. Don’t be shy.
  4. Use your professors as a resource. All of the Economics professors are cool. They all have their own personality but they all are incredibly helpful. Talk to them about any problems you are having.
  5. UTILIZE THE ECONOMICS HOUSE! If you don’t do any of the other things that I have written, that’s fine, but please do this one thing. All of the things above will come naturally if you just spend a ton of time in Econ House. You will see professors so you can ask them questions and students will also be around doing work and helping each other out. It is an amazing resource to have and it is so much better than trying to do work in the Library or the ITCC. Plus, how many other majors can say that they have a house all to themselves? (only creative writing but nobody cares about them)

Stay classy, San Diego

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One Response to Final remarks from a graduating Economics major

  1. pmuthaa says:

    Great advice John!! I agree the economics house has become somewhat of a second home this last week. In terms of economics major, right now its making me want to pull my hair out but that just may be the redbull talking, I’m just praying it will all be worth it someday. You’ve been a great help to me and a bunch of other people in the class and it’s been nice having someone who has pretty much been through it all helping you so a giant THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS!!

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