Advice for Next Semester’s Class

  1. Do all the assignments on time: Dr. Greenlaw doesn’t expect a finish product while doing the assignments. ┬áIf you change your model or data it’s fine just get your assignment in by the deadline.
  2. Keep up with the blogs and chapter analysis: this is the easiest part of the course and it accounts for a good part of your grade so just get it done.
  3. You’re going to get frustrated: that’s fine yell a couple of times then get help from workmates, librarians or Dr Greenlaw they are actually extremely useful
  4. Save a lot of time for the empirical data section. It takes a while to organize and interpret your results so do not do this last minute. (It’s fine if your data doesn’t make sense or your hypothesis is wrong, as long as you explore the reasons why)
  5. For the love of God choose a topic you are actually interested in otherwise you’re going to despise this class and your project
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