Thinking Back on My Paper

When I turned in my paper Sunday evening, I felt immediately relieved. Now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, I’m still happy – but felt I could’ve done so much more had I gone a slightly different route.

The big challenge for me was data: It was ample, but took some fairly significant work to form into a usable format. I think had I restricted my approach … maybe looking in depth at one or two years of military spending or at just one location or branch of service, I could have pulled out some of the┬ámore nuanced relationships.

All that said, I like the idea of my work this semester and think it’s something I’d like to continue with in the future. I like the concept of taking a look at how external factors change the way we do business (military spending, personal budgets, you name it..) and trying to theorize why it may be these behaviors exist.

I’m pretty proud of all my work this semester and hope everyone feels the same way. One thing that’s been apparent across the presentations is the significant level of interest and effort we all put into our topics. This is how we learn.

I’ll sum up some closing comments for next semester’s students after exams tomorrow.

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