Final thoughts.

This course was definitely a learning experience. Working on one project the entire semester has made me realize how time-consuming it can be. After submitting my final paper I felt a huge rush of relief and accomplishment. Working on this paper made me reach stress levels that I’ve never reached before, but it also allowed me to see how much I’m capable of. ¬†Overall, I now know a lot more on how to efficiently work on a research project than I did back in January.


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  1. pmuthaa says:

    I agree, this was one of the most stressful projects that I have worked on but I do feel accomplished. During syllabus day when Dr. Greenlaw was talking about a 20 page paper I was genuinely considering dropping the class but I’m happy I stuck through it. I learned the different sections involved in writing a research paper and great resources we have on campus.

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