Thanks to All the Presenters **Clapping**

Everyone has done a great job presenting what they’ve found and learned. It’s difficult when you’re applying what you’ve learned so quickly and trying to make sense of it. Experience is the greatest teacher of all, innit? It helps to see that so many of you had such a difficult time. It makes my struggle seem much less unique. Honestly, I thought that I was the only one behind and not getting quite the results I had intended. It’s defeating when you come to a conclusion like that. So seeing that I’m not the only one gives me a renewed vigor to go back to the drawing board. Thanks to everyone for your presentation. Your time, effort, and analysis were not in vain!

**clap**clap** clap** **Clapping**

(A slow clap doesn’t transition well into written words)

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  1. nkorovin says:

    I would have to say that I agree with you, the amounts of different research was interesting, I learned a lot about different subjects.

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