Look Left, Look right, Check notes.

So when I went up to the podium I thought I was going to be fine. I took a small sheet of paper with the bullets of my presentation. I brought my phone up with me in order to time myself. I don’t want to speak too fast or ramble on too long. In my notes I had a couple supporting facts, a few names of authors of major literary pieces, and some of my variables. Before class I did a couple quick dry runs and found myself talking too fast **note to self slow down**

Hi my name is… NAILED IT… my topic is…two for two! hmmm lemme check my time. Wait, what?! Fudgsicles! I forgot to hit start! 

 Yep, internal panic kicks in and bullets go out the window and it becomes a wing-it method. It’ll be good to go over the presentation with the counselor. Here’s to the next one.

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  1. leotara says:

    Is picturing the audience naked or in their underwear still a thing. I forgot to do that too.

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