Researching my Question

So My question is a bit different than most. I am looking into whether or not APR (Academic Progress Rate) and RPI are related and whether RPI is a good incentive for NCAA Division 1 schools to encourage academic progress.

Basically, RPI is a team’s power ranking. calculated by an equation that is made up of that team’s winning percentage, the teams the play’s winning percentage, and the teams that teams you play, play’s winning percentage. It makes more since when it is written out.

APR is a rating of how many students your program actually graduates and how the overall GPA is for that team. Essentially, if a team’s APR is low, the NCAA will take away scholarships for the next year. I want to see if there is a relationship between schools that actually get their students to graduate are more successful, and if losing scholarships is a good enough financial incentive for teams to keep players who might not be as good in the classroom but are good on the field. The APR and RPI information is open source so it is easy to find, but analyzing the financial standing of some of these schools might be a little harder. Hopefully I can find the info that I’m looking for with these new research skills.

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