Presentation Jitters

I’m working on my presentation, and the stress of public speaking is making it difficult to accomplish anything substantial.  Trying to craft something that’s clear, concise, technical yet easy to understand, and interesting is a bit of a challenge.  That, and I’m having difficulty finding something new to say that hasn’t already been said in the previous presentation or written in one of the assignments.  So far, I’ve only been able to accomplish an introductory slide sans transcript and two slides with visuals, and I’m worried that I won’t have enough material for ten minutes.  Furthermore, I’m terrible at improvisation.  Usually I’m so nervous that I have to read directly off of my notes, so I’m trying to finish the presentation in enough time that I can know it well and be comfortable with the material when it comes time to get up in front of everyone.  Anyone else having difficulty with any of these things?  Any tips?

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5 Responses to Presentation Jitters

  1. Colin Monks says:

    Review your material in front of a blank wall. Practice your presentation in front of someone you feel comfortable with. Worrying about something never accomplished anything. Just take the presentation in strides, you will do fine.

  2. tobin says:

    I went to today and I was nervouos, but once you get started its not that bad. By the end of it I didn’t really need my note cards. Also ten minutes sounds like a lot, but when you think about it our first recordings were about 3 minutes long and those were only intros. When you add in the lit reviews, results, interpretations, and conclusion it is very easy to go over 10 minutes.

  3. Adam Regulinski says:

    It is completely normal to be nervous about public speaking, i have also struggled with it. Some things that have really helped me: 1. plan thoroughly, this will avoid those awkward moments during your presentation when you don’t know what to say. 2. Make solid note cards, even if you do forget what to say it is perfectly normal to just glance at your note cards and regain your thought process. 3. Relax and take a few breaths
    These things really helped me and i hope they do the same for you

  4. mcronin says:

    I agree with adam. Plan your presentation through. In addition to this just make sure you know as much as you can on your topic, and you should becasue you’ve been researching it.

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