Literature Survey

Literature survey really helped me to understand my topic, it really helped me move forward. The reference sections helped me find very good research papers related to my topic.

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Peer Feedback

Thank you to the group who evaluated my proposal. They did a great job and provided me with really good feedbacks. Their feedbacks will definitely help me make a better research paper. Thank you !

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Peer Feedback

When Dr. Greenlaw first told us that we would have our classmates look over our proposals, I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried. I just wasn’t sure what kind of feedback people would have or if it would be helpful.

However, I am really glad that we did this. It is great to have sincere feedback from a fresh, new set of eyes. The group that evaluated my proposal gave me some good ideas. It is hard to foresee what you would have to clarify on and what not to. In my case, I figured people would just magically know some of the policies that I was talking about and I didn’t even explain them.

The feedback will help me just bring my research “home” so to speak. I knew I was missing something but I couldn’t figure out what so thank you to which ever group helped me out!

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Research Assignment 8

This week I did my speech proposal which surprisingly came together really well.  It wasn’t a matter of writing a speech, just a matter of putting my thoughts together. After which, I had to keep it short, while being  informative and interesting. This while also being as informative as possible.I was able to do the speech so quick that I thought at one point I was doing it wrong. yes sir yes sir I’m here I’m here jump jump to my game quick it’s about to start Overall I am looking forward to the speech coming up and hope you all see the significance of my topic.

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Research Proposal Peer Evaluation

After going to Professor Greenlaws office to discuss some points of my research paper, he sent me the peer evaluation of my research proposal. Whichever group evaluated my proposal did a great job and provided me with some really good feedback. It definitely will help me as I go forward with my project. As the deadline for the project gets closer, I feel like there is still a lot to do but I am trying to do something each day to work towards the final paper.

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Research paper-Education

Interesting research paper for anyone who is doing a research on Education:

The Home coming of American college women: the reversal of the college gender gap (Working paper)

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Still So Much Work To Do

I am patiently awaiting my critique from my proposal this week. In the meantime, I have been working tediously on collecting the last portions of my data. Some parts of the data were so easy to collect but searching the internet for salaries in 2012 and researching the coaches in that year has been a lot of work. Reading other classmates’ proposals has helped me quite a bit with understanding what I need to improve on and what I should do in order to have a better research project. The main aspect I want to improve on in my paper is clarity. I want to try and make my writing as clear as possible in order for the answers to be clear and concise.

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Week Two: I Chose My Topic

I think I choose the perfect topic for the economy class, because it is something that’s relevant right now regarding the oil price crisis. Analyzing the potential winners and losers of lowering oil prices will give us an accurate picture of the benefits and drawbacks of the situation. Unlike the great depressions and recessions you read about in books, this is happening right now, which can be scary and exciting. Hey professor when you taught this class during the 08- 09 economic meltdown did anybody do a project on that? Could you give me a link to that  I want to read it?

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still looking for data

How can I calculate the price of cigarettes per pack when each pack of cigarette has a different price?

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Data problem

So my research question requires me to kind of predict the future. I have to anticipate how people, governments, banks, and investors will react should Greece leave the Eurozone. The problem is that Greece has not left the Eurozone before, nor have any other countries done so in the past. The literature that I have reviewed discusses different possibilities, but it is impossible to come up with solid figures. At best, there are approximations.

I am planning on meeting with Professor Greenlaw about this, but does anyone else have a research question that asks them to predict the future? If so, how did you go about collecting data for it? I appreciate the input in advance haha!

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